Mitch’s Climate Story





How are you sensing climate change?

Within the last ten years the amount of total rain fall across Oregon has dramatically decreased. The lack of rain has fried out the native plants that are used to a wetter cooler environment. As the rain decreases the drier forests have become a tinder box that can ignite from a spark from a vehicle’s exhaust, or from an ember blown from a camp fire. The population of Oregon is not accustomed to dry camping and does not follow the same procedures as the campers in dry locations like Nevada and Idaho, the drier clone of the Pacific Northwest has contributed to the fire season the Pacific Northwest has experienced the last several years.

How do these changes make you feel?

The changes make me disappointed in the human race as a whole. People are inherently shitty and do not take care of their surroundings. Greed and status is what motivated the powerful people of the world and unfortunately there is no way to profit from bettering the environment.




Oregon, USA

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