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Eugene, Oregon 97401

How are you sensing climate change?

Last September– I got back home to Eugene after quarantining with family outside the mainland. Shortly into my return home, the smoke from the surrounding fires was making the air quality so bad that we had to stay inside for about three weeks. From what I read at the time and since, it seems pretty clear that record-high summer temperatures lit dry material. I grew up in the central valley of California and was pretty used to seeing fires and being smoked-in occasionally, but never up here. The fires Willamette valley area last summer were devastating, incredibly destructive, and a likely a product of rising temperatures considering that, again, we had been hitting record highs all summer. This summer, we’ve hit several more and it’s only early August.

How do these changes make you feel?

In the face rising temperatures and the recent IPCC assessment report, it is easy to feel incredibly defeated. However, environmental ethics has played an important role in shaping my own resilience with regard to the climate crisis and natural disasters, and I am grateful I can use it as a framework of care and reciprocity in my stake against warming.





Eugene, OR 97401, USA

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