Laura’s Climate Story




Spartanburg, SC

How are you sensing climate change?

About 15 years ago, we planted loquat trees along our property line because their growing habit made sense for the space and because they’d been grown from seeds by my parents, so were free. Loquats typically only keep their fruits on in warmer climates than Zone 7 (ours in Upstate SC, in the southernmost county of Appalachia). Every year before last year, they’d bloomed in winter, been visited by lively bees, made tiny fruits, and then dropped the fruits after a hard freeze. But in 2019, for the first time, the fruits stayed on through the winter and ripened in abundance in May. At first, the birds seemed unaware loquats were fruits they could eat, but after a week or so, the cardinals tried them, and then the squirrels. There were more than enough for humans, too. Production this year looks even more prolific.

Yellow fruit on a tree with green leaves.





Spartanburg, SC, USA

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