About the Storybank

The My Climate Story storybank is an open source and open access resource for exploring how diverse individuals are sensing and making meaning of changes more typically gauged in quantitative measures of atmospheric CO2 or rates of sea level change.

The project’s instructional videos, live workshops, and storybank aim to put climate literacy tools in teachers’ hands and to transform Philadelphians’ understanding of climate as a problem of techno-science into a matter of concern for all peoples. My Climate Story recognizes climate literacy as essential to the health of democratic society and works to democratize who can talk about climate change.

How To Tell and Share Your Story

Telling your story about how you experience climate change is simple–anyone can do it; we are all experiencing it. Think about what your climate story might be: maybe you feel uncertain, maybe sad, maybe frustrated. Maybe you smell the changes, or feel them on your skin. There’s really no wrong way to document your climate story, just make sure you connect it to a specific place you care about.

There are multiple ways to contribute your climate story to our growing storybank. You can fill out our contribution form with a written account. Perhaps you will draw a picture or take a photo. You might video or audio record the sights and sounds you associate with the change you’re experiencing. You might record someone — even yourself — telling the story and submit the audio file. The form supports many types of media files!

You can also call our My Climate Story Hotline (267-499-3973) to leave a short glimpse of your experience, including how you feel, as a voicemail message.

My Climate Story contributions can be also be created and collected in formal or informal educational settings, shared through social media using the hashtag #MyClimateStory, or submitted individually. Adapt the process for the needs in your community!

If you or someone in your community would prefer to submit a story in a language other than English, read all our multilingual story prompts here. We currently have submission forms available in Arabic, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Mandarin, Mongolian, Russian, and Spanish, in addition to English. (Not seeing your language, or see a problem with one of these translations? Please help us translate our collection form and fix any errors. Get in touch with us at director@ppehlab.org).




Allison’s Story

While I now live and work in Philly, I grew up in Fargo, ND. My family would often drive between Fargo and Minneapolis to see relatives,…

Nick’s Story

As I have grown up in Southern California, heat has been normal for myself. Whereas for my dad,…

Jack’s Story

While attending my last of college in Eugene, Oregon I had noticed this year was different…

Ari’s Story

Last September– I got back home to Eugene after quarantining with family outside the mainland…

Bryce’s Story

Growing up in Colorado Springs, I’ve always experienced drought. It was normal to my eyes, I knew no different, but I remember 2012 feeling different…

Kevin’s Story

My family has always been busy, my dad is a doctor, my brother is on…

Maya’s Story

I believe one of the smaller hallmark moments that really opened my eyes to the effects of climate change was noticing how hazy the summer months…

Nicole’s Story

I went in 2016 to visit the “Big Four Ice Caves” in Granite Falls, Washington. I had seen a friend post photos of how beautiful…

Jalen’s Story

I have sensed climate change most recently through wildfires.
I can see them creeping up around…

Grace’s Story

I think as a white, upper-middle-class person living in America climate change hasn’t impacted me very…


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