Students working on their first MCS project


Students in a one year urban agriculture food and natural resources program are completing a unit on ecosystems and the environment and biodiversity and connections between living things. The non-human climate story exercise has been a perfect culmination to that work. Some students have been excited to choose animal from one of our new classroom habitats (we have terraria, a vivarium and palludarium with a variety of creatures – as well as a small food farm and indoor grow towers and aquaponics).

After reading the My Climate Story storybank and selcting a story to share with the class, students watched a short video about biodiversity and were asked to write a non-human climate story. Here AFNR @ The U School students are working on their first MCS Project.

As students start to see how the little froggie they named Kermit is at risk in the world they are starting to see the connections in a more emotional way. Given that there are currently so many things to be depressed and sad about we are going to get some climate solutions stories in the mix. We are going to focus on carbon farming and food waste solutions.




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