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My Climate Story: Recipes for Crafting, Telling, & Sharing Your Own

This free workbook introduces a set of tools to explore, document, and share how global climate change is impacting your life and your environment–the people and places around you.

The tools and tips in this workbook are presented in four short chapters and introduce you to different kinds of climate stories. The first chapter encourages you to explore nonhuman stories and to document how climate change impacts plants and animals. The second chapter guides you to research, tell, and share your own climate story. The third teaches you to conduct climate conversations and climate interviews. The fourth lays out how to host your own MCS workshop. Each chapter has accompanying slides, activities, and resources.

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Evan’s Story

The violent winds lifted me up into the air. It would’ve succeeded if it wasn’t for my dad anchoring me down.

Ikym’s Story

Through my health and home.

Emma’s Story

Holding infant-me, my parents huddled on the kitchen floor in order to avoid the windows. Because of the raging hurricanes in the summer of 2004…

Rachel’s Story

Ohio was home for the first eighteen years of my life. Since leaving it, however, it has become refuge.

Emma’s Story

When I awoke on the morning of September 9, 2020. I was extremely confused. My bedroom was almost completely dark, which was, of course, very unusual…

Nic’s Story

I was born in France but barely ever lived there. However every winter I go back there to celebrate Christmas…

Tristan’s Story

My family has a cabin in Kentucky. When my dad was growing up, they would do the usual drive…

Anastasiia’s Story

The weather discrepancies during the same season throughout years.

Carolina’s Story

A few days after arriving in Portugal from Brazil for a one-year study period, I experienced a small…

Alejandro’s Story

Bogotá used to be much colder, and with constant rain (volume and frequency)…


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