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My Climate Story makes global climate change personal.


In workshops for climate storytellers from the sixth grade on up, participants are sharing how we’re making sense of global climate change. These stories connect big data to real and personal experiences. They show how local climate impacts are shaping life stories, and how they’re making us feel.

Will you share your story?

Faye’s Story

Growing up, there was nothing more exciting than waking up to a fresh layer of snow on…

Vivian’s Story

Climate change has become an integral part of my adult life as I have dedicated the past few years…

Mary’s Story

Growing up, I saw that at this time in history, people are uniquely aware of the effects of climate change yet at the same time…

Anonymous Story

No excerpt to share

Loraine’s Story

wet/lots of areas that used to be dry + now are always wet…

Avni’s Story

Prolonged, increasingly hot & humid summers. Short and warmer…

Allan’s Story

-seeing env. disasters on the news
-pollution in river in my hometown

Julian’s Story

Hot summers, cold winters, heavy rainfalls.

Raegan’s Story

We used to have mild summers and warm winters in Auckland…

Nico’s Story

-extreme heat in some areas
-melting of polar ice caps…


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