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Nancy’s Story

I am sensing climate change via our inventions.

Jenna’s Story

Around 7-10 years ago, I remember the winters significantly colder than in recent years. In the past 4-5 years…

Allison’s Story

While I now live and work in Philly, I grew up in Fargo, ND. My family would often drive between Fargo and Minneapolis to see relatives,…

Nick’s Story

As I have grown up in Southern California, heat has been normal for myself. Whereas for my dad,…

Jack’s Story

While attending my last of college in Eugene, Oregon I had noticed this year was different…

Ari’s Story

Last September– I got back home to Eugene after quarantining with family outside the mainland…

Bryce’s Story

Growing up in Colorado Springs, I’ve always experienced drought. It was normal to my eyes, I knew no different, but I remember 2012 feeling different…

Kevin’s Story

My family has always been busy, my dad is a doctor, my brother is on…

Maya’s Story

I believe one of the smaller hallmark moments that really opened my eyes to the effects of climate change was noticing how hazy the summer months…

Nicole’s Story

I went in 2016 to visit the “Big Four Ice Caves” in Granite Falls, Washington. I had seen a friend post photos of how beautiful…


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