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Bay Head, New Jersey 08742

How are you sensing climate change?

I’ve sensed climate change in many ways. Bay Head is a costal town, and was hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The few years after, especially the summers, felt odd — it was more empty, many homes were still boarded up or otherwise in disrepair, businesses closed, and everyone felt a little exhausted and uneasy. Now, almost ten years later, I feel that things have bounced back, but the scale of the homes is so much larger (due to raising to prevent future flooding). There’s more flooding and more beach erosion, too. Stronger storms. And, an assumption of when, not if, the next hurricane comes along — what happens next.

How do these changes make you feel?

These changes make me nervous. The beach, and in particular Bay Head, has always been my escape. My family is here, we celebrate holidays here, my closest friends and I reunite here every summer. The ocean clears my thoughts and makes me feel at peace. I look forward to the summer every year. I can’t imagine life without Bay Head, and the threat of that going away, and also thinking about my family’s future generations not being able to have that experience, too, makes me sad and nervous.


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Bay Head, New Jersey 08742

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