Evan’s Story

Evan’s Story

The violent winds lifted me up into the air. It would’ve succeeded if it wasn’t for my dad anchoring me down. “Let go of the umbrella”, he screamed. I watched as my umbrella flew away.

Vivina’s Story

I love when the snow actually sticks to the ground and piles up to six inches–I would make bunny rabbits with footprints, or draw things in the snow that was piled on ledges. Sadly, I don’t remember doing any of those things in the last two or three years–not because I don’t have the time to do so, but because there was never that much snow to begin with.

Ghent’s Story

The young campers between ages six and eight complained about not feeling well and nearly fainted as some had in the previous summers due to these heat waves.

Olesia’s Story

Title Olesia’s Climate Story Name Olesia Rivera Place Flourtown, PA 19031 How are you sensing climate change? how im seeing climate change is 2.5-5.5 inches How do these changes make you feel? it threw my sleeping pattern off. it was hard to adjust Collection...

Allan’s Story

-seeing env. disasters on the news
-pollution in river in my hometown