Brian’s Story

I remember my father teaching me about a drainage room in our basement and to alert him immediately if the water level in the room was significantly higher than normal. At first the thought of water rising in the basement scared me, but over time the fear faded. However, one day when I was in elementary school Hurricane Sandy came and changed everything.

Ved’s Story

The mountains are part of spiritual life [across the Indian subcontinent], but mine is a story of when spiritual life is muddled by climate-driven geopolitics. In 2018, between high school and college, my parents decided I should make a pilgrimage to the holiest of mountains, Mount Kailash, which is also sometimes famously called “Mount Meru”.

Aylin’s Story

There was heavy rain in the summer this year, for the first time in the ~30 years my grandparents have lived in this part of Turkey.