Timothy’s Story

When I was the same age as Daniel, I remember blizzards that would cancel school for a week, snow so high that my dad and I would make igloos out of them, snow so heavy I could sink waist deep. Core memories that don’t just pale in comparison, they hurt.

Brian’s Story

I remember my father teaching me about a drainage room in our basement and to alert him immediately if the water level in the room was significantly higher than normal. At first the thought of water rising in the basement scared me, but over time the fear faded. However, one day when I was in elementary school Hurricane Sandy came and changed everything.

Vivina’s Story

I love when the snow actually sticks to the ground and piles up to six inches–I would make bunny rabbits with footprints, or draw things in the snow that was piled on ledges. Sadly, I don’t remember doing any of those things in the last two or three years–not because I don’t have the time to do so, but because there was never that much snow to begin with.

Emily’s Story

For my climate story I am writing about the changes that I have noticed while attending college and living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.