Emma’s Climate Story


Emma Vail


Portland, OR 97212

How are you sensing climate change?

My sense of climate change has always been around me, I am growing up in a time where these occurrences are becoming more active. Though, in particular, I sensed it the most for the first time last summer when it directly affected me. The wildfires that roared over Oregon came the closest I have seen to my neighborhood in Portland, where we were strongly advised not to even leave our house for days until the smoke cleared. Portland had the worst air quality in the world for about a week, which is really saying something. Being unable to leave your home and unable to even open a window really brought into perspective the serious implications of climate change, and the lack of persistence by our government to fix it. I do not believe that last year would be the last time we would have to stay indoors for days on end due to the air quality, it is only the beginning.

How do these changes make you feel?

These changes in our environment make me terrified for the future generation to come, while we have not inherently been blessed with the best environment we could have, it is much better than what is coming. I hope soon to see serious steps being taken to educate people on the seriousness of climate change, and enforce new laws that will better protect our world as a whole.





Portland, OR USA

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