Grace’s Climate Story


Grace Samath



How are you sensing climate change?

I think as a white, upper-middle-class person living in America climate change hasn’t impacted me very much compared to many people who are facing much more climate degradation and difficulties due to the colour of their skin, where they live, ethnicity, nationality, class and more. It’s important to recognize that, as a white person, this identity will always bring me more privilege than some of my identities that fall within marginalized groups. Because of this, my exposure to climate disasters is limited. Yes, I have experienced some such as the California wildfires, pollution, and Oregon wildfires. Yet, this pales in comparison to what Indigenous people are facing as Line 3 is being built near their waterways and where they live. Therefore, as someone with the white privilege to have my voice heard, I am writing to raise awareness of Line 3. Please seek out Indigenous People on the front line’s voices to hear how you can help stop this racist and environmental degradation build.

How do these changes make you feel?

This makes me feel angry.





Saratoga, CA 95070, USA

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