Nicole’s Climate Story


Nicole Bunzel


Granite Falls, WA

How are you sensing climate change?

I went in 2016 to visit the “Big Four Ice Caves” in Granite Falls, Washington. I had seen a friend post photos of how beautiful they were two year before and couldn’t wait to go check them out. I went at the end of November. Winter time, and yet, when I showed up and discovered the had dramatically shrunk down in size. I was very shocked and disappointed. Today, they no longer exist. The last photos posted of this landmark were from 2017. It is so disheartening to see natural spectacles disappearing before our very eyes because of climate change.

How do these changes make you feel?

I am very devastated by the adverse affects of climate change on the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the San Juan Island in Washington State and have always had such a strong connection to nature. I grew up boating in Alaska and have been to Glacier bay and have felt the shear power of watching a glacier crack apart and fall into the ocean below. it is beautiful but also disheartening knowing it is shrinking.

ice caves after melting and before





Granite Falls, WA USA

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