Jack’s Climate Story


Jack Stallings


Eugene, OR

How are you sensing climate change?

While attending my last of college in Eugene, Oregon I had noticed this year was different than my last three. The winter quarter was nowhere near as cold as it has been in the past. Two out of the three earlier years it had snowed, and had cold icy rain during January and February. This last year it seemed like it had barely even rained, let alone it being cold enough to wear my usual winter coat. I can only think of human caused climate change being the driving force behind this really warm winter. Wildfires during the summer months probably didn’t help the winter be as cold as usual, but sustained human error was the main reason for my story.

How do these changes make you feel?

I was actually quite bummed last winter because of the weather. Expecting it to be icy and rainy with maybe a chance of snow is always exciting when you’re from Southern California. Instead I felt a bit robbed at that opportunity being taken away from me, causing a warmer winter than everyone was expecting. I also become sad at the fact this is 100% happening all across the globe where winter months are extremely crucial for the survival of animals, and some cultures.





Eugene, OR USA

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