Margaret’s Story





How are you sensing climate change?

I visited my home town in central Wisconsin this summer during an excessive heat advisory. While visiting my 90-year-old grandmother, she commented on the THUMP THUMP THUMP noise her air conditioner was making. We called her landlord but we were told it was after hours and an air conditioner going out was not considered an emergency, even during the excessive heat warning in a 90-year-old woman’s apartment. My grandmother is lucky to leave near family who can take her in if necessary. A huge storm that blew out the power in the assisted living facility where my other grandmother lives put the health of dozens of senior citizens at similar risk.






Anastasiia’s Story

The weather discrepancies during the same season throughout years.

Carolina’s Story

A few days after arriving in Portugal from Brazil for a one-year study period, I experienced a small…

Alejandro’s Story

Bogotá used to be much colder, and with constant rain (volume and frequency)…

Denise’s Story

There is a big water scarcity problem in my city.

Miguel’s Story

Nowdays I have sensed climate changes very much as the way I dress and specially my mood.

Luís’ Story

In the dam of Castelo de Bode, Portugal. The water level is incredibly low!

Raissa’s Story

I have a feeling of nostalgia. I had the best summers of my life in Atafona.

Daniel’s Story

Like a lot of people around the world, I sensed the climate changes because of…

Creshmie’s Story

La situation climatique actuelle me préoccupe profondément du fait les effets sont ressentis partout dans le monde.

Amadeu’s Story

I have sensed climate change on a sand storm from the Sahara desert…