Amir’s Climate Story


Amir Majeed


Toronto, Canada M4G1X3

How are you sensing climate change?

I took the first step out of my apartment to walk my dog as I do every morning. Much to my chagrin, I immediately slipped and fell, my lungs breathing in the harsh Toronto air that rolls around once a year for a few months, accompanied by a bed of snow, laying camouflage for the sinister layer of ice right below it – ice that had just taken me to the ground in broad daylight whilst I was still in my pyjamas! How could it be? The day prior I strolled the streets in flip flops and shorts, then – like an emergency tsunami – a mere 24 hours later the streets are white and the Christmas songs have begun to top the charts once more.

How do these changes make you feel?

I’ve never been one to keep my ear to the streets per se when it comes to current events. Yet, one would have to be a hermit to have never heard of the growing concern from scientists about climate change, global warming, and the lack of respect the human race has shown towards the environment throughout the entirety of our planet’s documented history. Am I a hypocrite for complaining about the swift changes in weather, the lack of support for the environment, and my concerns for future generations’ quality of life all whilst barely lifting a finger to change things? Do I do more than the bare minimum? I don’t litter, I recycle…but I’m not clearing mass landfills that pollute essential bodies of water, or advocating against oil drilling/whale hunting. I guess, at least caring about the environment goes a lot further than actively destroying it. I truly hope my great great grandkids get to enjoy this beautiful planet and it’s host of natural organisms and their sounds the way I have had the privilege of enjoying them.


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