Sarah’s Climate Story 


Sarah D’Onigbinde


New York, NY

How are you sensing climate change?

Based on the human carbon footprint, climate change has affected New York City tremendously. New York City weather has been scattered for the past couple of years now. For instance, last year in spring in New York City we were still wearing our winter jackets in April because the weather’s temperature was so low. This was extremely strange because Spring had already started in March. Lately, we have been experiencing longer winters and shorter hotter summers. Every winter ends up being much colder and longer than the last. I have noticed the change because before we were experiencing a lot of snow in the winters now we get no snow and it just became very cold and brutal. Also noticed that during the summer it has been extremely hotter than usual and we have experienced more heatwaves over the past summers.
Also, in the New York City area, they are many industrial factories that affect our O-Zone layer, which is also why we do not see many stars on our side due to the gases from the factories, cars buses, etc, that pollute the air. New York City weather has to me has drastically changed because of the human carbon footprint and the way people refuse to want to see that the weather is changing but not for good.

How do these changes make you feel?

Climate change worries me because it just feels like the world is coming to an end slowly. Especially with the glaciers melting rapidly and the ocean rising every day because of it, being from New York surrounded by water we would drown if we don’t fix our carbon footprint, or at least try to slow down, Also it just feels like people don’t even care about the planet we live on, to even protect and allow it to survive which doesn’t sit well with me because it is our home we need the planet to survive. Its resources help us to get what we need. And climate change is just scary and that is also why I think people choose to pretend as if it’s not happening, as if global warming is a myth.
This also makes me feel as though the climate is going to continue to get worse and that the weather changing dramatically is causing people to sick for instance with the temperature changes, has effects on people because we’re going from cold to hot within the same day now and then with the flu going around it worries me that more people are going to get sick. With climate changes like this it is going on, if not changed it is going to have more negative effects on us in the future.


Northeastern Region



New York, NY

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