Andrea’s Climate Story


Andrea Guifarro


Staten Island, NY 10304

How are you sensing climate change?

During my time in Staten Island, I have experienced the devastating outcomes of climate change. From Hurricane Sandy (2012) which destroyed many homes as well as lives, to the latest Hurricane Ida (2021). These natural disasters have cost so much damage, not only materialistic but they have also taken loved ones. Although I personally did not lose a family member from these hurricanes, I know others who have, others who have survived these events by maintaining their hopes that they were going to come out alive. I remember going outside after the hurricane, seeing all the homes destroyed, the cars ruined and surrounded by personal belongings in the South Beach area. It took years for the families to recover, to try and make their house feel like home again. Not to mention the fear of it happening again. Now most of the houses by the beach have adjustments to the first floors, just as a precaution. Additionally, over the past few months we have experienced changes in the weather. We have had warmer temperatures during winter and colder weather during spring leading up to Hurricane Ida that happened over a month ago. The floods it caused all over the state and seeing on the news how people drowned in basements because of the hurricane was heartbreaking. However, it makes me wonder who can we blame for these events? For these deaths? Who can we blame for the drastic changes of the weather? My questions may or may not have an answer but I hope people can consider them and think deeply before they decide to do something that can harm our planet rather than help it.

How do these changes make you feel?

All these changes and events make me feel angry but also helpless. The change in weather is also concerning, if we believe it’s bad now, how much worse can it get. I feel helpless because I feel as if I cannot control the weather but on the other hand I can make small changes that can be less harmful to our planet. I also love the feeling when I’m out with my friends and they don’t litter. I know it sounds crazy but so many people I have been out with chose to litter because they do not care or “someone else did it so it’s okay” but that action alone keeps me hopeful, making me think, “maybe not everyone is so bad.” It can also be frustrating how many people don’t seem to realize or believe these changes are occurring. Even helping after the fact is a big step into taking responsibility or initiative to a better future. Think about it, if we’re not willing to make the changes now, what kind of planet will be left not only for us but our future kids or family members?


Northeastern Region



Staten Island, NY 10304

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