Ana’s Climate Story


Ana Sibri


Staten Island, NY 10304

How are you sensing climate change?

Moving here to Staten Island was a big change of scenery. Considering Queens being such a jammed up place where everything is put together and tight. Staten Island gave the sense of relaxation and peace. My first time coming here I thought everything was a big park because of the amount of tress I saw on the way to the new house. Though everything here looked nice and relaxed it wasn’t until I experienced my first big hurricane is where I changed my perspective of Staten Island. Since we are an island we are surrounded by large bodies of water, this making us more prone to be affected if a hurricane was to occur. Hurricane Sandy has shown us how the sea levels are rising a fast pace. It occurred in 2012 but the damages that were left are now being repeated over but with smaller storms or tropical storms. Many houses and neighborhoods were destroyed because of Hurricane Sandy. The rising sea levels has been brought up again with tropical storm Ida, were many of these neighborhoods were affected once again. It even has affected more neighborhood further out the shore line. This tropical storm has give us a first hand glance of how climate change is occurring here in Staten Island. It’s gonna take decades before city officials start doing something about it. Probably when the rising sea levels start affecting the real-estate market. This doesn’t mean it’s not affecting residents now, but knowing how environmental justice is at times not taken serious it’s gonna take a long while before anything gets done. The south shore will probably become a flooded ghost town.

How do these changes make you feel?

These changes make me feel upset because I have several friends that live in those areas that are affect and prone to because flooded if the rising sea levels keep rising. Though we cannot completely stop the sea levels from rising but we can delay it for decades and maybe centuries. Plus considering how Staten island is, many residents don’t take climate change seriously. So it’s a challenge to get the neighborhood and the city to get involved.


Northeastern Region



Staten Island, NY 10304

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