Jack’s Climate Story


Jack Peters


Redgranite, Wisconsin 54970

How are you sensing climate change?

I see the climate changing in winter, three weeks ago there was little snow on the ground, the birds and other animals began to wake up and move around, and it was warm enough that someone could go outside without a coat on and not even shiver. It’s too early for all of this to be happening, within the past week a cold snap popped up bringing the temperature back down to appropriate levels, but it also brought in dirt from the nearby fields. The soil is so eroded across the street that the snow that has blown in is black in some areas. The snow is not meant to be BLACK!
I see change in the summer as well, the neighbor’s crops are getting smaller and smaller, it gets hotter and hotter. the temperature is moving constantly between extreme heat and extreme cold instead of remaining stable.

How do these changes make you feel?

To be honest it’s leaving me in a simmering rage. My neighbors are all these old families that can trace their roots back to the area for decades. They all seem to be willing to bury their heads in dried up dirt. Or manure as one of the Mega Farms bought one of the nearby fields to use as an improvised dumping ground. it honestly makes me want to scream sometimes.




Redgranite, Wisconsin 54970

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