Adrienne‘s Climate Story


Adrienne Malaluan


Philadelphia, United States

How are you sensing climate change?

I am sensing climate change in my neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in Philadelphia, I didn’t notice any difference in the climate until now. For instance, in the summer heat, there would be rises in heat, and many times heat watches would occur; going outside to get groceries or to enjoy the weather felt restricting since the heat was increasing throughout the day, which made me less interested in going outside and more focused on the news and what they have to say about the current problems which educated me on what was going on. Another instance is during the school year; we are outside most of the time, which makes me more aware of the changes; it would rain hard some days and would even lead to flashflood warnings, the same reason the Schuylkill River after a thunderstorm had caused floods in nearby roads and buildings.

How do these changes make you feel?

The changes in the climate have made me feel confused and frustrated; being outside some days it would be too cold, and other days it would be too hot; in that case, going outside knowing the weather is all sorts of confusing, naturally I get frustrated because I know that the weather is not like how it used to be.

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