Brandon’s Climate Story


Brandon Kanell


Beaver, Pennsylvania 15009

How are you sensing climate change?

In my hometown of Beaver, PA, coal and steel production was historically extremely important sectors of employment. With the move toward cleaner energy, there has been some job loss and economic desertion in the area. To prey on the negative attitudes of the locals angered by the economic recession in the area, the local government struck a deal with the Shell corporation to build a multibillion-dollar cracker plant just across the bridge from the town. Coincidentally, a cancer research and medical center were also built at the same time, just minutes down the road. Locals do not believe that this plant poses a health risk, and locals themselves are not even being employed in the plant.

How do these changes make you feel?

It makes me feel upset. My family has considered moving from the area out of fear of the possible repercussions of being so close to a facility like this. I am worried about the cleanliness of our air, water, and soil. I worry for my family’s health.





Beaver, Pennsylvania

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