Jing’s Climate Story 


Jing Cao


Guangzhou, China

How are you sensing climate change?

I felt the temperature is getting higher and found that people wear less during winter. Comparatively, more people get heat stroke in summer. Personally the summer heat is getting unbearable.

How do these changes make you feel?

I feel it’s much more uncomfortable. I feel like walking on a furnace in summer when I walked on the street. I would like to stay in house with air conditioners like what other people do. Honestly, it’s not good since people have less social connections and outdoor activities. But we need to face the heat wave if we go outside.





Guangzhou, China

Mailey’s Story

I try to gather a sense of climate change through memory.

KJ’s Story

Climate change makes me worried about our animals and species on earth and how long they have left.

Jennifer’s Story

I am sensing climate change through the increase in extreme weather.

Ninon’s Story

In my audio recording, I speak about my experience growing up competitively skiing.

Warren’s Story

Cape Town is usually very rainy but a few years ago they experienced intense water shortages.

Brandon’s Story

In my hometown of Beaver, PA, coal and steel production was historically extremely important sectors of employment.

Christian’s Story

They make me feel sad and upset that local leaders are so glib about impending threat.

Aaron’s Story

It was depressing to experience a beautiful park for the first time and see how fragile the ecosystem is.

Colton’s Story

While there, I learned about how these farmers who had lived there for their entire lives were having to adapt their food growth to an increasingly arid climate.

Wren’s Story

My family huddled up in one room with air conditioning and even with it, it was still 80 degrees in there.

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