Casey’s Climate Story




Toano, Virginia 23168

How are you sensing climate change?

The summers in Toano have become much hotter, with weeks over 100 degrees. Snow in the winter has become much more rare. When I was a kid it was common to get snow in December, but that has become unusual. The frequency of hurricanes has increased and the length of hurricane season has increased as well. Thankfully, Toano is far-enough inland to avoid the storm surge and other flood-related impacts of hurricanes, but fierce winds are something we have to watch out for.

How do these changes make you feel?

These changes make me feel sad. Snow days were a magical experience as a kid and it’s sad to think that kids in my hometown may not get to experience that in a few years. These changes can also be scary. Hurricanes can knock down trees and destroy power lines, putting the lives of my family and others in the town in danger.





Toano, Virginia 23168

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