Huiyi’s Climate Story


Huiyi An


Beijing, China

How are you sensing climate change?

Beijing used to have a colder winter than Philadelphia. I felt that it has been warmer and warmer since my college. I didn’t need to wear gloves when I rode my bike last time. Another thing I have had a great sense about is increasing precipitation in the summer. It was in 2011 when a flashing flood hit Beijing and caused 70 people’s deaths. So clearly did I remember that my family, in our car, was stuck under a bridge for about 5 minutes before rescued by a aid truck, much luckier than some of the families. Fewer people were injuried in the rainstorms of recent years because they have been more aware of how to protect themselves and the city has developed emergency forecast system. People are no longer fear about getting out of their car and leaving it in the flood because of newly-developed vehicle-disaster insurance.

How do these changes make you feel?

I feel that information communication is important to deal with climate change, especially for old people. Like my grandpa, who has always from allergic issues when the winter leaves and early spring arrives, should be warned of the warm temperatures. It’s also better to help them be equipped with protective methods for more disasters.





Beijing, China

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