Audrey’s Climate Story 




San Francisco, CA 94133

How are you sensing climate change?

A memory that sticks out to me when I think about my relationship to climate change is looking up into an orange sky one Saturday morning on the way to the farmers market in San Francisco. The only word to describe it was apocalyptic. Like a scene out of a movie after the world had ended. The sky was thick with not fog, but smoke that had carried over from Santa Rosa CA. I’d never experienced something like that before. This was first time I really felt the effects of climate change as an adult. What in the moment felt like a rare experience, has occurred numerous times after within the Bay Area.

How do these changes make you feel?

Upsetting. Overwhelmed. A loss of innocence.




San Francisco, CA 94133

Warren’s Story

Cape Town is usually very rainy but a few years ago they experienced intense water shortages.

Brandon’s Story

In my hometown of Beaver, PA, coal and steel production was historically extremely important sectors of employment.

Christian’s Story

They make me feel sad and upset that local leaders are so glib about impending threat.

Aaron’s Story

It was depressing to experience a beautiful park for the first time and see how fragile the ecosystem is.

Colton’s Story

While there, I learned about how these farmers who had lived there for their entire lives were having to adapt their food growth to an increasingly arid climate.

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My family huddled up in one room with air conditioning and even with it, it was still 80 degrees in there.

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It got up to 100.

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It was very hot

Krypton’s Story

They make me feel sad and worried for my mama’s home, and my family’s home, and if future generations are going to have the same Earth we want them to have.

Mrinalini’s Story

I feel that the rapid urbanization in a country like India has led to many such deforestation activities.

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