Emily’s Story

For my climate story I am writing about the changes that I have noticed while attending college and living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story

I went in 2016 to visit the “Big Four Ice Caves” in Granite Falls, Washington. I had seen a friend post photos of how beautiful…

Jalen’s Story

I have sensed climate change most recently through wildfires.
I can see them creeping up around…

Emma’s Story

My sense of climate change has always been around me, I am growing up in a time where these occurrences are becoming more…

Mark’s Story

In my hometown of Orlando, Florida, it was hot, humid, and rainy all year round and I loved it. It was the very climate that was perfect for frogs and toads. I was blessed in the evening when all I could hear were “ribbits”…

Allan’s Story

-seeing env. disasters on the news
-pollution in river in my hometown